Queens park trip

Want to witness how policies are made? 
Interested in getting involved in government? Have a word or two to say about the TTC/ transportation policy or the newly revised sexual education curriculum?
Join the APSS on its first excursion to Queens Park legislature! Witness policy in action during question period, go on a tour of the building, and chat with an MPP! Bring ID, light foods and beverages will be provided. .

Panel discussion

On October 18th, the Association of Political Science Students in partnership with Ethics, Society, Law Association will be hosting our first-panel discussion on racial profiling in Toronto and beyond. We have all have seen and heard of the racism in our neighboring country, the United States. However, some would argue we have a systemic issue ourselves with racial profiling and controversial police practices.  This panel hopes to address Canadian issues within the scope of police practices of carding, the BLM movement and the social consequences of racial profiling. Bringing in speakers from varied occupations, who may tackle these issues from different perspectives.

lunch and learn

In conjunction with The Institute for Liberal Studies (ILS), the APSS is excited to welcome Professor Jason Brennan, from Georgetown University to challenge the assumptions we make about democracy. Professor Brennan recently published his book, aptly titled “Against Democracy,” in which he argues that democracy should be judged by its results – and that the results are not good enough. Most of us believe that democracy is a uniquely just form of government and that people have the right to an equal share of political power. Professor Brennan has come to the conclusion that democracy is the rule of the ignorant and the irrational, and it all too often falls short. We invite you to engage with a renowned political philosopher and with your own opinions. 


Have you heard? The Association of Political Science Students is throwing the chilliest social on the block! Come and jam out to some tunes and good food before readings stress you out more than Harambe’s tragedy. Not convinced? Political Science Alumni and professors will be in attendance, so you can get ahead on your career, outside of the classroom. Take Controlla of your Friday afternoon and come to the social! 


Join the APSS and the PCJ Society for a movie night featuring Beasts of No Nation. Is there a better way to relax one last time before heading into exam season than to have a MOVIE NIGHT with BOARD GAMES and FREE FOOD?? Yep, you read correctly! The APSS and the PCJ Society are joining together to screen the award-winning film, Beasts of No Nation. Whether you want to take a break from polishing off those final papers, catch a movie on campus, or play some board games while snacking on delicious PIZZA, then come on down to the South House PCJ Lounge in Munk School on Friday, March 18th for a super chill night. 


Join the APSS for a night of networking! A number of Uof T professors and Political Science alumnae will be attending this fun evening. Take a study break and get to know the political science community!

We will have professionals from Blakes law firm, the Government of Ontario, as well as others in attendance. 
Light refreshments will be served.

panel discussion

"Gender in Politics: Representation and Participation in Canada" is a panel discussion on the complex questions, barriers, and prospects that women in Canada face both within and beyond the political sphere, hosted by the APSS and the UTSU. Join scholars, activists, and politicians in a nonpartisan panel of accomplished women on feminist theory and practice, community organizing, and institutional support in the context of Canadian politics today.

COP21 Debate

Should Canada take a leadership role or not? Is the Canadian oil economy too much to risk?
Is COP21 a win or a loss for Canada? For the world? 
Will COP21 ultimately have a positive or negative impact on Canada?
What are the right next steps for Canada and the world?


The APSS Is selling sweaters! If you are looking to buy some UofT swag but dont like what's being sold in the books stoe, buy one of our sweaters for $28. 


This Lunch and Learn is dedicated to a discussion on the International Criminal Court. The ICC is a pillar of justice in today’s international system. It prosecutes individuals for international crimes such as genocide and war crimes. However, the ICC itself can be challenged regarding questions such as enhanced interrogation methods, sovereign impunity, and international jurisdiction.


Foreign military intervention is a deeply controversial topic that is both subject to debate and highly relevant today’s world politics. This discussion will highlight the problems and limitations of foreign military intervention, and challenge us to re-think Western foreign policy and their role in global affairs.


POLIS is now accepting submissions for its 2015-2016 journal. Submissions are open to all University of Toronto undergraduates and recent graduates.


The APSS Junior Mentorship Program Presents: Planning Your Summer: Applying to Jobs and Internships! Come to Sidney Smith 3130 to hear about tips on finding and applying to summer jobs, as well as hear from third and fourth year students about their experiences. 

Winter Social

You are cordially invited to join APSS, ESSA, HSA, NMCSU & UTPLS for our annual joint winter social on Friday, February 5th in the Hart House Debates Room.  

Meet other students in your program of study, sample some delicious food, and relax to the electro-pop tunes of the Toronto-based duo, "Featurette." 


The Association of Political Science Students is pleased to announce its newest panel discussion: School and the City. Taking place this February 2nd, 2016 at Croft Chapter House, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., the panel will focus on the multifaceted relationships between universities and their host cities, specifically that between the City of Toronto and the University of Toronto.  

For more information please click here

Mentorship Event

Got some questions about life beyond undergrad? 
Join the APSS Junior Mentorship Team for a panel event that will help you answer this question! Alumni Alisha Clancy and Robert Foster will give their perspectives on using political science in their careers. David Zarnett, the Undergraduate Advisor for the department and Candice Stoliker of the Career Centre will give advice on strategies for students on how they can begin now to prepare for life after graduation. 

Panel Discussion

Indigenous Governance: Policy, Partnership and Self-Determination, November 24th
Understanding Indigenous Governance: Policy, Partnership, and Self-Determination: What factors contribute to inequalities in Aboriginal health care? How can we address the needs of Aboriginal women in the criminal justice system? How do we build policies to defend Aboriginal human rights?
The APSS will also be launching its Undergraduate Journal of Political Science, POLIS, for the 2014-2015 academic year. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grab a copy of our journal and find out more information on how to make an essay submission for POLIS 2015-2016. 


Roundtable Discussion

Intersecting Narratives on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, November 11th 2015 
Please join The Peace by Piece Initiative and The Association for Political Science Students on November 11th for a discussion entitled, “Intersecting Narratives on the Syrian Refugee Crisis.” This event will consist of a small round table discussion, from which students can share and learn about the various narratives involved within the crisis. Our aims are to share our diverse perspectives, experiences, knowledges, and understandings of the Syrian Refugee Crisis with underlying mutual respect and dignity.

Lunch and learn

Lunch and Learn with the British Consul-General Kevin McGurgan, October 29th

The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the former Yugoslavia have received a considerable amount of attention over the past several decades. With each and every one of these wars incurring a significant number of casualties and destruction, they have caused us —i.e. the West —to question our policy and decision standpoints in the face of such conflicts. 

Panel discussion

Can Foreign Policy Sway Canadian Elections? October 5th 2015

No one could doubt the significance of foreign policy issues in American elections. As Americans get ready to elect a new President, reporters are getting ready, and have already begun, to fire questions at the potential candidates about their stance on the international community, namely Mexico, Iraq and Syria. But does foreign policy matter to Canadians? Between elections, Canadians will openly acknowledge the foreign policy shortcomings of a government, but would issues of foreign policy ever impact who Canadians elect? At 3pm on October 5th, come to this panel discussion, brought to you by the Association of Political Science Students and the Canadian Studies Students Union, in Croft Chapter House to hear esteemed UofT professors Nelson Wiseman, Chris Cochrane and Sylvia Bashevkin discuss answers to the question, "How do issues of foreign policy affect Canadian elections?" For those of you trying to educate yourself for the upcoming Canadian federal elections this event, moderated by Professor Rodney Haddow, is surely one you do not want to miss

debate and open forum

Democracy Week University Rosedale Debate and Open Forum, October 1st 2015

The Conservative, Liberal, NDP, and Green candidates of the University-Rosedale riding have been invited to debate one very important question: has Canadian identity changed? If yes, what factors have triggered the change? 


Keith Davey Forum on Public Affairs Presents: Is Canada Doing Enough to Promote Human Right Around the World? September 30th 2015

The APSS, the Department of Political Science, and Victoria University at the University of Toronto proudly present to you this year's Keith Davey Forum: "Is Canada Doing Enough to Promote Human Rights Around the World?"

panel discussion

Varying Views on Democracy: What can we expect in the Future? September 29th 2015

The panel will bring together four different perspectives on democracy, its prominence in the 21st century, and its future. 

Our first panelist, Alexandros Ioannidis, who is the Consul General of Greece in Toronto, will examine the impact democracy has had on the world in the 21st century, all the while paying particular attention to the Greek democratic experience with respect to its current financial struggles

candidates' fair

Candidates Fair and $5 Lunch, September 28th 2015

Drop by at any time and come speak to some Conservative, Liberal, and NDP Candidates from the St. Paul's, University-Rosedale, and Trinity-Spadina ridings all the while grabbing a lunch from Hart House for only $5! This is a chance for you to ask the candidates about their party platform. With the federal elections only a few weeks away, this is the perfect opportunity for you to ask some questions in order to make an informed decision when it comes time to vote! 

lunch and learn

Internet Surveillance and Cyber-Security, September 21st 2015

The APSS' first lunch and learn of the year, entitled “Internet Surveillance and Cyber-Security,” will seek to explore how cyberspace is governed and the impact internet surveillance can have in Canadian society. 
As students are increasingly exposed to technology innovation and media outlets, it is important to understand how information and global communication can affect individual lives, as well as governments and the international community.


APSS 2015-2016 Executive Elections, April 1st

Please join APSS for our final event of the year as we elect a new executive! 6 positions are available to any student in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (taking at least 1 political science course POL is recommended) at this time for 2015-16: (1) President, (1) Vice-President Communications, (1) Vice-President Finance, (3) Executive-at-Large. The election process is as follows: please submit a brief 250 word statement of why you would like to run to by midnight, March 31. On April 1, please be prepared to deliver a 2 minute speech to the voting body. Details for positions are available on our website at If you have questions about joining, please email the current President, Emily Tsui, at Thank you for your interest!

Lunch and Learn

International Law in the Supreme Court of Canada 2014: The Legal and the Political, March 27th

Join the APSS and the University of Toronto Pre-Law Society for our final academic event of the year: a Lunch and Learn discussion with Professor Gerard J Kennedy. He is currently the Professor of POL340 International Law and an Associate with Osler, Hoskin, and Harcourt LLP where he practices a variety of civil litigation.

Panel Discussion

The Seven Billion and You, March 13th 2015

Join us for our third panel discussion surrounding civil society. The discussion will look at how global population growth will come to affect modern politics and our generation. We will have three speakers discussing different facets and perspectives of the issue and how they foresee politics developing with the fast paced globalization of our world.

Mentorship Event

A Conversation with Alisha Clancy, Program Manager at CIGI, March 6th 2015

Please join APSS' Junior Mentorship Program, IRSociety's Mentorship Program, and the Political Science Senior Mentorship Program for a conversation with Alisha Clancy, who is the Program Manager for Global Economy at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)! She graduated with a joint specialist in Political Science and History at UofT in 2008, and has worked at the Prime Minister's Office, Minister of International Cooperation, and the Canadian High Commission to the United Kingdom. Come learn about how she made the most of her degree, opportunities available for after graduation and in the summer, how to market yourself to employers, and CIGI. Light refreshments provided. We look forward to seeing you there!

Lunch and learn

War at the 49th, February 25th 2015

Please join the APSS for a Lunch and Learn Discussion with Professor Chambers and Professor Jurgensen. These two professors will lead a discussion on the pros and cons of what would happen if the United States tried to invade and annex Canada. Could Canada fight back and repeat the success of the War of 1812? What would change if they won? How would the new nation function? Each Professor will present their opinions and then we will open up for a question and answer session for participants.