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Newsletter 5 11/21/2015: The APSS is holding another Lunch and Learn Newsletter 2 September 16th: Join the APSS!Below is an archive of the 2013-2014 Newsletters sent out by the Vice-President, Communications and the Associate Vice-President, Communications.

Newsletter 1 09/13/2013: Welcome to the newly revamped APSS

Newsletter 2 09/20/2013: Introduction to the Executive

Newsletter 3 09/27/2013: Election of First Year Representatives

Newsletter 4 10/04/2013: Keith Davey Forum Recap

Newsletter 5 10/13/2013: Happy Thanksgiving!

Newsletter 6 10/18/2013: Updates

Newsletter 7 10/25/2013: Announcement of Religion and Politics: Into the Divide Event

Newsletter 8 11/01/2013: Happy Halloween!

Newsletter 9 11/08/2013: Fall Break

Newsletter 10 11/16/2013: Religion and Politics: Into the Divide Recap

Newsletter 11 11/22/2013: End of Term

Newsletter 12 01/10/2014: Welcome Back! Lengthy Newsletter

Newsletter 13 01/17/2014: Canada and the EU: CETA Recap

Special Newsletter 01/20/2014: Dirty Wars Screening Announcement

Newsletter 14 01/24/2014: Winter Social and John Bell Recap

Newsletter 15 01/31/2014: Congratulations to award winners!

Newsletter 16 02/07/2014: Good Luck to Athletes, Dirty Wars Screening Recap, UJPS Announcement

Undergraduate Journal of Political Science 02/09/2014: More details on journal submission

Newsletter 17 02/14/2014: Happy Valentines' Day + Events

Vote APSS 02/17/2014: Nominate APSS for Outstanding Academic Union

Newsletter 18 02/24/2014: Welcome Back, Towards Transnational Announcement

Newsletter 19 02/28/2014: Recap on Towards Transnational

Newsletter 20 03/07/2014: We did it!

Newsletter 21 03/16/2014: Last Academic Event

Newsletter 22 03/21/2014:Thank You!

Newsletter 23 03/28/2014: Course Union Awards


2014-2015 Academic Year

Newsletter 1 04/04/2014: New Executive and Executive Applications

Newsletter APSS Executive Applications 04/25/2014:Join the APSS Executive!

Newsletter APSS Related Events 06/006/2014:Seminar With the OECD's Peter Jarrett

Newsletter Welcome Back 08/27/2014: Welcome Back to the APSS!

Newsletter 1 09/07/2014: Welcome to the Largest Political Family at the University of Toronto 

Newsletter 2 09/14/2014: First Week is Done

Newsletter 3 09/21/2014: Thank you to those who attended the Keith Davey Forum

Newsletter 4 09/28/2014: We are pleased to announce

Newsletter 5 10/05.2014: Our First Academic Event

Newsletter 6 10/12/2014: We had over 25 candidates at the All-Candidates Fair

Newsletter 7 10/19/2014: Our Discussion on the Vital Signs Report

Newsletter 8 10/26/2014: Good Luck on Your Midterms

Newsletter 9 11/04/2014: Our First Panel Discussion is Tomorrow

Newsletter 10 11/09/2014:Thanks to those who came to the Many and The Few 

Newsletter Call For Submissions 11/16/2014: Call for Papers

Newsletter 11 11/23/2014:Submit Your Undergraduate Research Paper Today!

Newsletter 12 11/30/2014:Apply to be an Editor for Polis, Today!

Newsletter 13 12/07/2014: Happy Holidays!

Newsletter 14 01/04/2015: Welcome Back!

Newsletter 15 01/11/2015: Join us for the Undergraduate Research Colloquium!

Newsletter Join us for our Winter Social 01/18/2015:Join us for the Undergraduate Research Colloquium!

Newsletter 17 01/25/2015: Political Science Awards and Winter Social Recap

Newsletter 18 02/01/2015:Join us for our Second Panel Discussion: Aboriginal Politics Today

Newsletter 19 02/08/2015: Aboriginal Politics Today was a huge success!

Newsletter 20 02/15/2015: Happy Reading Week!

Newsletter 21 02/22/2015:Join us for two events this week!

Newsletter 22 03/01/2015: We want to know what you think of us! Give us your feedback!

Newsletter 23 03/08/2015:Join us for our final panel discussion - The Seven Billion and You

Newsletter 24 03/15/2015: Join us for our last few events of the year!

Newsletter 25 03/22/2015:Last Lunch and Learn of the Year with Professor Kennedy: International Law

Newsletter 26 03/29/2015: Join the APSS Executive 2015-2016!

Newsletter 27 04/26/2015:The APSS Executive is Recruiting!

Newsletter 28 05/17/2015:Welcoming the new APSS Executive members


2015-2016 Academic Year

Summer Newsletter 1 07/27/2015: APSS Mentorship Program 2015-2016

Newsletter 1 09/8/2015: Welcome to a new year in the APSS

Newsletter 2 09/16-2015:Join the APSS!

Newsletter 3  09/21/2015: Come to the First Academic Event of the Year

Newsletter 4 09/29/2015: Come meet your Federal Candidates

Newsletter 5 11/21/2015: The APSS is holding another Lunch and Learn

Newsletter 6 11/28/2015: POLIS is looking for Editors

Newsletter 7 11/05/2015: Opportunities, Events and More!

Newsletter 8 11/11/2015: Last Chance to Apply to be an Editor for POLIS

Newsletter 9 11/18/2015: Join the APSS for a Panel Discussion on Aborigional Governance

Newsletter 10 11/25/2015: Come to our last panel of the academic year

Newsletter 11 12/09/2015: Thank you to everyone who came to our last academic panel!

Newsletter 12 01/12/2016: Joint Winter Social

Newsletter 13 01/14/2016: Welcome Back


2016-2017 Academic Year