Opportunities for First- & Second-Year Students



First-Year Representatives (2)

As a first-year student, the APSS strives to make the transition from high school to university easier. In addition to hosting academic and career seminars, any first-year student in a political science course has the opportunity to sit on the APSS executive as one of two First-Year Representatives. In this role, you will help the executive in the following ways:

  • Planning speaker series, academic workshops, and political science socials
  • Developing ideas for engaging other first year students
  • Consulting with faculty and administration
  • Working with other executives on matters such as finance, communications and web design

Serving as a first-year representative is a valuable way to engage with other keen first-year students, as well as senior students and faculty members. It is also an excellent way to gain the experience necessary to serve on the executive in later years.

Interested candidates will run for election at the First General Meeting on September 27. Candidates will be asked to give a two minute speech that demonstrates the skills they possess and how they can benefit other first-year students and the APSS.


Associate Vice Presidents (2, finance and communications)

Beginning this year, the APSS is introducing two new positions to the executive. In addition to the Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Communications, each VP will have one Associate-VP, selected by the incumbent Vice Presidents in consultation with the executive.

These positions are directed towards first- and second-year students interested in serving on the APSS executive in future years and will serve primarily as training opportunities. Candidates interested in applying for these positions should be prepared to work with incumbent executives to enhance existing strategies and cultivate new ones.

To apply, interested candidates will submit a statement of interest (500 words maximum) and a resume by 11:59 PM on Monday, September 30th, 2013. Apply here.



Opportunities for All Years

College Representatives


In order to promote APSS events, we will be selecting interested candidates from each college to serve as College Representatives. All College Representatives will be listed on the website, along with their email addresses, and should be prepared to address inquiries from members of their college regarding the APSS.

As a College Representative, students will act as a liaison between their respective college and the APSS. Specifically, Representatives will be asked to attend all major events and promote the event internally within each college. While each Representative can pursue additional strategies, promotions will occur primarily through facebook (event invitations), course emails, college listserves (where applicable), and announcements.

To apply, interested candidates will submit a statement of interest (500 words maximum) and a resume by 11:59 PM on Monday, September 30th, 2013. Apply here.