Tone Careless – Faculty Advisor

Tone Careless has been Adjunct Professor in the department for over the last 40 years  – they won’t let him leave until he gets it right – teaching Canadian politics, policy analysis, democracy and voluntarism. His courses are the only ones which have a service-learning component attached to them whereby students do a 20hr placement with a designated government/community/ngo partner to test Course concepts and provide senior level research skills to their host. He teaches so that his students can get jobs.

His full-time career was as a constitutional negotiator for the Ontario government (Meech, Charlottetown, and 1982 revisions) followed by a stint as a Volunteer Co-ordinator for Sick Kids, and later the Geneva Centre for Autism. 

His hobbies include nature interpretation at Presqu’ile Prov. Park, bike building at Evergreen Brickworks, Scouts, and mental health services at Delisle Youth Services. A funny moment occurred when he ran for Hart House Music Committee – with a name like Tone Careless – urging people to “cast a Careless vote” ... and they did! He was a Pol Economy brat and set up the Union of Political Science Students to boost the voice of those who actually pay the profs.