Angel Yen

currently a third-year undergraduate student in University of Toronto St. George campus. I am doing a double-major degree in Political Science and Books and Media.

I’m fluent in English and Mandarin. My academic interests are International Relations, particularly on the topics of Asia-Pacific, political-economic changes, and the impacts of culture and traditions on politics. I like to host and participate in discussions or academic events. In the future I wish to pursue any career related to law or be a television host. I know it is a hard time for freshmen especially in Political Science to be familiar with academic environment. Political Science or any social sciences are unlike real sciences that have answers and truths. Therefore the concepts or theories from Political Science require a lot of deep analysis, strict logic and critical thinking. I am very willing to help with these freshmen to encounter these issues and perhaps overcome them.


Sharon Minos

My name is Sharon and I'm a third year political science and history double major student. I have previously volunteered for elections Canada, and am currently working as a research assistant at U of T in the history department. I am interested in the field of international politics and history, and how the two subjects impact each other. I am fluent in English and Russian, and coming from a European family from the former USSR, I am mainly interested in studying why European states act the way they do and what influences them to do so, through a historical perspective. 

Emma Sanchez-Swaren

Emma Sanchez-Swaren

Emma Sanchez-Swaren is a fourth year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in international relations and African studies, with a minor in political science. She is keenly interested in international human rights advocacy and international development, which has led her to get involved with various on-campus and national organizations, including STAND Canada, the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, and Journalists for Human Rights. Fueled by these interests, Emma recently travelled to Yaoundé, Cameroon where she investigated the gendered impacts of climate change in the region, and the role of gender mainstreaming in development policy more broadly. Emma enjoys engaging in political discussions with fellow students, and she is very excited to be serving as a mentor in the APSS Junior Mentorship Program this year. 


Sabal Al-Khateeb

Sabal is a third year political science specialist with a minor in philosophy. Her academic interests in political science include comparative politics, international development and political economy. Outside of the classroom, Sabal likes to spend her free time in the outdoors and exploring new places. 

















Ujwal Ganguly

Ujwal is a third year international student from India, double majoring in International Relations and English.  His academic interests lie in modern South Asian politics, conflict resolution, and defence strategy. His research interests include Indo-Pak relations and the BRICS alliance. Additionally, this is Ujwal’s third year as a compliance analyst with the G20 research group at the Munk School of Global Affairs. When he isn't working on an essay or studying for an upcoming test, he enjoys reading the Foreign Affairs magazine, doing crosswords, going to art galleries and museums, sushi, and binge watching shows on Netflix. Having served as a mentor for the International Relations Society in the past, he is looking forward to working with the APSS this year. 








Abdullah Chandna

Abdullah is a third year student majoring in Economics and doing a minor in Political Science and Statistical Sciences. He grew up in a politically aware household so he has always had a passion to understand the subject better. His favorite field of study is Political Economy. He is excited to be a part of the mentorship program this year and to use his experiences to be able to help younger students with how to look at this great program that the university offers. Mostly,he hopes to be there for other students if they need to talk to an experienced peer regarding anything that they are studying. 









Kriza Lutan

Krizia is a third year international student, double majoring in Political Science and Contemporary Asian Studies. Her academic areas of interest lie in political and economic development, comparative politics, and global economic governance.

Krizia is currently serving as Director of Media and Branding for North American Model United Nations (NAMUN). She is also a member of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) and works as a compliance analyst for the G8/G20 Research Group.

Her post-undergraduate plans include pursuing a dual master’s degree in International Development and Business.


Anah Mirza

Anah is a third year student double majoring in Ethics, Society & Law and Peace, Conflict & Justice with a minor in Political Science. Her areas of interest include comparative politics, international development and foreign policy. Anah is a Research and Program Assistant at the Munk School of Global Affairs and currently serves as Opinions Editor of The Mike and VP, Communications on the Ethics, Society & Law Students’ Association. She is beyond excited to be serving as a Mentor this year, and hopes to help bring about a worthwhile experience. Anah spends her spare time consuming copious amounts of chocolate ice cream and following the Toronto Maple Leafs far too closely







Kristine Sarah Medrero

Kristine is a third year student from Hong Kong double majoring in International Relations and Political Science. She plans on going to law school once she graduates and one day hopes to become a successful entertainment lawyer. Kristine has vast experience in mentoring, having been an E-Mentor for the Woodsworth College E-Mentorship Program for the past two years as well as currently being a mentor for Woodsworth College’s First-Year Mentorship Program. Alongside being a mentor for the APSS Junior Mentorship Program, Kristine likes to stay very involved at UofT, being one of two Upper-Year Student’s Directors at Woodsworth College’s governing student body, the Woodsworth College Student’s Association (WCSA). She is also currently a UofT Campus Tour Guide and the Student Liaison for the Woodsworth One: Popular Culture Today stream. For those within Woodsworth College, many may recognise her (and her voice) as being a Frosh Leader and then a Frosh Head Leader in the past two Woodsworth College Frosh Weeks, respectively. 



Freda Zhang

Freda Zhang is a fourth-year student at Trinity College, specializing in Political Science and majoring in IR. Her academic interests include international trade and investment, Sino-Canadian relations, and political psychology. Freda currently serves as the President of The University of Toronto China Studies Society, a Member on Hart House Board of Stewards, and Co-Secretary for Hart House Music Committee.In addition, she is involved with on-campus academic initiatives such as G8/G20 Research Group and also CCR2P. A strong believer of community engagement, she is also an avid volunteer for the Court Support Program under Elizabeth Fry Society. During her spare time, she enjoys music, reading, and food


Justin Satosek

Justin Satosek is a student at the University of Toronto, originally from Hamilton, Ontario. Currently in his forth year, Justin is working towards his specialist’s degree in political science, as well as having completed a history minor.  Once finished his undergrad, he has aspirations to attend law school and pursue a career in law, with his ultimate goal being to own his own firm in the future. When not focusing on school, he likes to ski, travel, and is a huge hockey and football fan.


Political Science Area of Interest:  Constitutional law, policy making, and political interactions in financial markets.







Joshua Rodriguez

I am a fourth-year student majoring in Public Policy, while dual-wielding minors in Political Science and Psychology. My academic interests lie in using empirical methods to discern political trends in policymaking, and analyzing the state’s role and capacity in the allocation of socially-beneficial goods. After flying out of the metaphorical undergraduate nest, I plan on pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy, with a focus on healthcare policy in the context of mental illness. When I’m not partially deriving functions or reading obscure academic content, I enjoy watching avant-garde cinema and headbanging to progressive metal \m/. You can be sure to find me in the depths of Robarts, or at any of the dumpling and BBQ places in Chinatown.










Victor Chen

Victor is a fourth year student double-majoring in Political Science and Geology. He is interested in international politics and foreign policy, especially in conflict management between Great Powers. When not indulging in tea and chocolates, he is engaged with student clubs from martial arts to swing dancing and promoting student societies such as the APSS and the Undergraduate Earth Sciences Society. Victor looks forward to engaging with students interested in the Arts and Sciences.