Members of the 2016-2017 APSS Executive Team, College Representatives, and POLIS Editorial Board

Members of the 2016-2017 APSS Executive Team, College Representatives, and POLIS Editorial Board


Executive team


Michael is a fourth year student pursuing a degree in Political Science and European Studies at Uoft. As the President of the Association of Political Science Students, Michael invests his time representing his fellow students and managing a multitude of projects for the student body.  Michael is looking forward to making a positive impact within his community and the world. After completing his degree, he plans to volunteer abroad and attend graduate school to study global affairs and international security. In his free time, he enjoys keeping tabs on global affairs, backpacking, learning about different cultures, and listening to TED Talks while cooking his next culinary masterpiece. 


Michael Warchol

Daniel is a fourth year student from Costa Rica and is double-majoring in Political Science and Peace, Conflict, and Justice Studies (PCJ) with a minor in History. His areas of study include international relations, ethnic and cultural conflict, geopolitics, diplomacy, and global security. This is Daniel’s second year with the APSS and is excited to provide the financial support to make a positive impact on students' lives through social and academic events. Daniel enjoys watching political and legal dramas, reading The Economist, playing soccer, and road running. 

           VICE PRESIDENT,           FINANCE

Daniel Marin



Ran Zha


Ben is a fourth year student; double majoring in international relations and ethics, society & law. He has a keen interest in international law and social justice issues. When he isn’t studying, which is rare, Ben is either reading interesting books on relevant subjects to his major, social psychology or a bit of neuroscience . Ben is an avid photographer with a passion in portraits of people.Ultimately, institutions and society is composed and structured around people, with their diverse culture and plurality of interests. How we as a collective choose to address this, whether it be as a resource or hindrance, is what really interests Ben.  


Ben Fickling


Sanjana is a second year student working towards a double major in History and Philosophy, with a minor in Political Science. Her interests lie at the intersection of these three subject areas, namely in the fields of grand strategy, political philosophy and legal theory. She is excited to be serving as AVP for the year, hoping to increase student involvement with the APSS through improved awareness of and accessibility to its events. She is also involved with the G7 Research Group and the CCR2P as a research analyst. When she’s not drowning in course readings, she enjoys exploring the food scene in Toronto, in a perpetual quest to satisfy her sweet tooth. Cheesecake, anyone?

Associate vice president

Sanjana Shah

Anah is a fourth year student, pursuing a double major in ESL, and PCJ alongside a minor in Poli Sci. She has a keen interest in the implications of post-conflict displacement and intervention measures in the Global South. She is beyond thrilled to be working with a team dedicated to delivering quality social and academic programming for the political science community. As Executive-at-Large, her role is to ensure the APSS caters to students’ interests. Anah’s spare time is split between recreationally running, scoping out the city’s best indie coffee shops and following Toronto sports teams far too closely.


Anah Mirza


Serena  is in her third year at  U of T, studying Political Science and International Relations. Her research interests include American foreign policy, international political economy and human rights. This is Serena’s third year with the APSS, having previously served as the Trinity College College Representative. Apart from her involvement with the Association, she has also served as an Event Director for Voice of Women for Peace, an R2P Live Intern with the Canadian Center for the Responsibility to Protect and a G8 Media Studies Analyst. She looks forward to an amazing year with the Association of Political Science Students and this year’s mentorship participants.

Director of Mentorship

Serena Ceco

Jerry is an active second year student involved in the UofT community. He is currently studying a double major in Political Science and Contemporary Asian Studies with a keen interest in China-America relations. When outside of the classroom, Jerry enjoys playing basketball and guitar, or having some drinks with his buddies. He is positive this year will be the best year the APSS has seen and will work hard to ensure this is possible!


Jerry Zhu


Stefan is a second year student at Trinity College, currently studying a double specialist in IR and Economics. He enjoys learning about current events, global politics, development and of course economics. After university he hopes to work for Global Affairs Canada or go to grad school. Outside of class he enjoys Model UN, going out and exploring Toronto, travelling, and gaming. This year he is excited to work alongside the rest of the APSS execs and especially with the new mentors in the APSS Junior Mentorship Program to bring you several thought-provoking events and improve your experience at U of T as a PolSci student! 


Stefan Rus


Mariam is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto studying Peace, Conflict and Justice, Sociology and Political Science. She has previously served as a Senior Editor for the Rapaport for Peace, Conflict and Justice, head editor for Aspire Youth  and as a compliance analyst for the G20 Research Group. Currently, she works at the University of Toronto Career Centre to support students transition into professional roles. Mariam is interested in social development within post-conflict zones as well as the role of international diasporas in development.

Editor in Chief 

Mariam Jammal

Director of Media

Jay Kim

Nabi  is a third year political science and sociology student. She enjoys studying the social inequality side of political issues at UTSG. She looks forward to combining her passion for political science and media in her position with APSS. Nabi wants to make APSS events and resources accessible to students of varied needs, backgrounds, and interests. Nabi plans to return to the U.S. to study civil rights law. Passionate about promoting equality her country, she wants to serve disadvantaged groups, including marginalized people in her hometown of Chicago. She plans to eventually work in American politics in an investigative, pro-justice capacity.

       Associate Director          of Media

Nabi Dressler


Emily Chu is a first-year Trinity student excited to be serving as the  first year representative positions for  APSS this year. She chose U of T because she believes it is the best university for fostering academic political discussions. When she isn’t busy watching Game of Thrones, Emily loves to volunteer, get involved on Campus, and spend hours in Indigo deciding which book to read next. She is extremely excited to get to know more about the many opportunities offered at UofT, and promises to act as a voice and liaison to the first-year Political Science students. In the future, Emily hopes to pursue a career in Law. She also hopes to continue her research in the areas of human rights, women leaders in politics, and education.

First year Rep

Emily Chu

First Year Rep  Sara Esayas

First Year Rep

Sara Esayas